Albany, NY  - February, 1996; a band was born that would change the face of the upstate NY metal music scene. Scientifically, the property called "inertia" is the force by which an object in motion stays in motion. Change the first "I" to an "E" and you have Enertia, a band that has now stayed in constant motion for over eight years. Always maintaining their consistent lineup of musicians from day one, Enertia has released three self-financed CDs  and received positive reviews worldwide, been a featured band on several widely released tribute CDs & played over 490 shows and festivals throughout the northeast USA & beyond.

Enertia’s sound is a well-crafted blend of power, melody, groove, and aggressiveness, from musicians that have worked hard to master their individual crafts. Their influences, including classic heavy metal, hard rock, progressive metal and more, come together flawlessly. The result is a captivating sound that is all their own.

Enertia’s newest CD, FORCE, was recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in Texas with producer Neil Kernon and is a true-to-life time-stamp of where the band is at in 2004. After a very successful showcase / CD release party @ the ProgPower USA pre-party last September in Atlanta, GA, FORCE has received praise in all the major metal publications throughout the world (links to reviews are posted at the band's forum). Plans for the coming months include touring extensively in the northeast USA and beyond, as well as finish writing the rest of the material for CD #5 (10 songs completed so far with 6 more in the works) & get the new music recorded in the spring of 2006. Enertia is the band to watch. Keep your eyes and ears open, and accept nothing less!!


Bio written by Kelly Knapp
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