ENERTIA - Broken down in Brewster, NY 7/19/99 

It was bound to happen & finally did on that fateful 90+ degree day in July of 1999. After 3 years of faithful service, our bus blew a head gasket just 12 short miles away from our destination of Tuxedo Junction in Danbury, CT.  While we were faced with several decisions, one thing was for certain: we WERE definitely doing the gig! Thanks to being a proud member of AAA, I had the bus towed to the club, where after all the aggravation & roasting in the sun for 1 1/2 hours waiting for the tow truck (AAA told me the local company was extremely busy that day & to be patient), we played one of our most powerful & energetic shows ever. 

Getting the bus home was another story, as the stunad driver (who I will call Cletus for the rest of this story) from the VERY ironically named "Reliable" Towing Service that AAA dispatched was absolutely worthless. It only took him 3 1/2  hours to arrive after the initial request for a tow truck was made (I called AAA 5 times while waiting to ask them where this genius was) & when Cletus found out he had to bring us 3+ hours, he gave Jeff & I  a redneck attitude & told us we weren't covered by AAA in CT & would have to pay $150 cash for every 30 minutes we were on the road! Jeff & I quickly decided that we would take our chances & drive the 12 miles back to NY state, call AAA in NY & request the same towing service that towed us to the club.   

As the head gasket was totally shot, every drop of antifreeze & water went from the radiator, through the blown seal & right out the exhaust! The bus looked like we had a smoke screen button turned on going down the highway & surprisingly (& VERY luckily!) we made it back to the same spot where we broke down earlier & used the very strategically placed phone on the side of the road to call! When the towing service arrived 1 1/2 hours later(!!), we were on our way back home! The bus was repaired & was sold to a guy that just drives it locally around town, but is sorely missed!

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