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BANDS: Antithesis, Agent Steel, Bloodstone, Boiler, Chaos Theory, China White, Click., Coalition, Constant Velocity, Core Device, Dinasty, Division, Flotsam And Jetsam, Gargantua Soul, Hammer Mill, Half Breed, Heave, Ion Vein, Jack Frost, Jag Panzer, King Norris, L.A. Guns, Leatherwolf, Lucid Reality, Manowar, New Eden, Overkill, Pull, Psycho Scream, Shovelhead, Steel Prophet,  Syris, Talamasca, Thumb, Towne Cryer XXI, Untamed, Mike Vescera Project, Vicious Rumors, Violent Knight, Without Warning, X Factor X

CLUBS THAT TREATED US GOOD: Aldo's, Karen Gregory @ Adirondack New Music Fest, Birch Hill, The Brick Oven, CBGB's, Club 342 (RIP),  The Danger Zone Cafe, Jaxx, Mac's Bad Art Bar, The Mars Bar, Jim @ The Upper Deck, Northern Lights, QE2, The Saint, Saratoga Winners, The 3rd Rail, The Haunt

MAGAZINES / WEBZINES: A.J. Blisten @ Scream Magazine, Sandro Buti @ Metal Hammer (Italy), Laurent Bouquet @ The French Connection, Chris Dugan @ Metal Dreams, Kit Ekman & Glenn Watson @ The Koffin, Sakis Fragos @ Metal Invader (Greece), Mark Frostenas @ Bright Eyes (Sweden), John Geddes @ Silent Anger, Sean Jennings @ The Sounds Of Metal, Matt Johnsen @ Feast Or Famine, Boris Kaiser & Thomas Kupfer @ Rock Hard (Germany), Heinz Konzett & Matt Coe @ Snakepit Magazine (Germany), Oliver Loffhagen @ Animalize (Germany), John Ridge @ Underground Zine Scene, Wes Royer @ Open Up & Say..., Paul Unger @ NFA, Tim Wadzinski @ Detritus, Marco Barbieri @ Ill Literature

RECORD STORES / DISTRIBUTORS: Tim Carroll & Dave LaMay @, Alan & Jenni @ Breakthru Distributors (Australia), Brent & Brian @ Dream Disc, Bill & Rondi @ Restless & Wild Imports, Patrick @ Prog 4 U (Switzerland), Rainer @ Nuclear Blast (Germany), Kai @ Rising Sun (Germany), JB @ Molten Metal USA, Oliver @ Empire Entertainment, Geno & Trish @ Generations Underground, Keith @ Hole In The Wall, Dave@, Ryan @ Metal Mayhem, Suzanne@ Echorider Imports, Dave Weber @ Dave's Music, Dirk @ Else's Metal Mail Order (Germany), Dave @ Over The Rainbow Records, Vince @ Vishnu Music.

RADIO STATIONS /TV / RECORD COMPANIES: Lenny @ WSOU, Curt @ High Voltage Radio, Al Reese & Carl Smidt @ WVBR, Foob @ Dakka Dakka, Silent Bob @ WKLL, Scott Brown @ Aggavated Assault, The Campbell Brother @ Hardradio, Stig @ Metal Express, Ron @ Dominion Records, Rex @ Dwell Records, Eric @ Progressive Arts Music, all @ Seismic Radio

WE COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU: Gabriela Avila, Rich Bey, Ray Borst, Dom Cambareri, Tim Carroll, John Gard, Mike Garrity. Matt Johnsen, Randy Jones, Tracey Kelly, Claude King, Kelly Knapp, Terry & Barbara Kucel, Dave LaMay, Rick Mancini (Ricky Doo's Music Emporium), Catherine Mena, Paco Pardi & Colleen, Dave Price, Jon & Valerie Price,  Scott Redeker, Steve Rice, Christina Ricciardi, Travis Rippo, boB San Inocencio, Aaron Tate, Ralf Walter, Nico & Marlies Wobben, Andy & Amy Wright

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