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a great memory(!), I'll be completing these gigs listed below (& the other ones
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All accounts are according to & reported by Joe starting w/

I really wish I had started this sooner, as over the past 4+ years of playing 300+ gigs, we have experienced tons of hilarious, crazy & unforgettable stuff that make all the crazy shit in our hometown seem normal. In writing this, I will try to remember & put to keyboard the high & lowlights of all our gigs from this point on. The other guys will interject their comments here too & I also invite anyone that has attended any of our shows to write to me  w/ their comments.

Saturday, October 16
FLASHPOINT CD Release party
w/ Lucid Reality & Half Breed
Moe-Mentums - Gloversville, NY

I want to start out by saying we worked VERY hard from the last week of May until September 5th on this disc, remixing it no less than 3 times & then putting in 50+ hours working w/ Brett Portzer on the cover design/layout, & we looked VERY forward to this evening.  We went in the night before & set our own PA system up (which we figured was going to work as well as it has many times in the past) & figured  this way, we could at least relax a bit before a long night on Saturday. I should also mention that 100 discs were in transit to us via overnight/Saturday delivery (minus the CD booklets & tray cards) as Overit sort of "dropped the ball" (to put it kindly...) in getting us our complete package in the time frame they promised. Although we didn't leave the club until 4am on Friday, we were all ready to go & figured things would all fall into place on Saturday. The events of the next day proved just how wrong we were to think that........

I called the girl at CINRAM (company that was mass producing the discs for OVERIT) in Alabama & was told that the discs left Birmingham as scheduled & were going to Atlanta and then landing in Albany & then being driven to my house BEFORE I went to the club that night. I got a call a few hours later from one of the couriers involved & was told that the discs missed making the plane from Altlanta to Albany!!!!!!!!! This one STILL boggles my mind!


I was told that they would be on the next flight into Albany & would arrive there at 11pm! They would then have to be driven right to the club as we would be in the middle of our show by the time the discs arrived. Surprisingly, the rest of the band handled it a lot better than I did, but looking back, it was totally out of our control, so we just had to hope for the best. Lucid Reality played a great set & made a lot of new friends that night  & the same can be said about Half Breed, who showcased some of their new songs that recorded for their upcoming CD, including a cool cover of "The Devil Went Down To Georgia". Although I'm not exactly sure what happened (I was out at the merchandise table explaining to our friends exactly where the new CD was & that they could possibly buy one at the end of the night minus all the cover art, which would be mailed to them as soon as they arrived), we lost our monitor amp right before Half Breed started & this turned out to be the first of several other technical problems we would experience.

We ended up losing 2 power amps & therefore only had 1 small monitor (which was actually just supposed to be used for Jeff). Somehow, it really didn't end up being too much of a problem as Scott & I could hear our vocals pretty good, & Jeff did a great job without any monitor mix back by the drums. Things started to roll ok until about 8 songs into the set, Roman's guitar power amp decides to stop working! Special thanks to Randy from Lucid Reality for coming to the rescue. The rest of the night rolled on without any other problems & looking back on it now, things weren't really as bad as I thought they were the night of the gig.   

Saturday, November 6
FLASHPOINT CD Release party
w/  Lucid Reality, Mr. Downstairs & Gargantua Soul
The Third Rail - Cortland, NY

Now that we had complete discs ready to sell w/out having to mail out booklets to people,  this show in Cortland was really our official CD release party. I was asked to bring a band with us & immediately thought of Lucid Reality, & if you keep reading, you'll see that we have done quite a few shows with them since Flashpoint came out. Even though we have played The Rail about 10 times in the last few years, I still feel we aren't ready to "headline" (which to me just means playing last, as we definitely aren't into that bullshit of saying a band "opened for us"), so Bill added a band from CT called Gargantua Soul to the lineup, who have quite a few things going on, including appearing in a movie that was made for VH-1.

This show marks the last time our bus was ever used for a road trip, as the head gasket was blown earlier in the summer & even after replacing it, on our way to the show, the bus died about 25 miles away from our practice place & 100 miles from the club. Roman's girlfriend was following us just in case we had problems & as soon as it died, Jeff & dave got in her car & went to get their vehicles to haul our gear while I called AAA & sat there with Scott & waited for the tow truck to arrive. I surprisingly learned that when you are on a toll road, the tow trucks have to move a whole lot faster to get there & get you off the road, which led to an interesting question: would Jeff & Dave wait for us to get back to the practice place w/ the bus or meet us on the Thruway?
As the tow truck was there about 10 minutes after they left, we had no choice but to go to the closest exit on the toll road, unload the stuff & hope they figured Scott was there with the gear! Once I had the bus back home, (sadly for the last time), I immediately got into my car & headed out to the club & stopped by to make sure that the guys found Scott & our gear (which they did). It was still about 4 hours away from the time we were scheduled to play, BUT I had promised Ray (Lucid Reality bassist) that he could play through my amp & can imagine he was quite nervous as my gear was not going to get to Cortland AFTER their scheduled set time. The bass player in Mr. Downstairs was cool & let Ray play though his amp, so things ended up working out for him.

Our set went quite well & made all the running around we had to do to get there seem worth it. All the bands on the bill are well received & it was cool to see several friends of ours that had traveled to see us, (including a guy that was in one of my previous bands who is very hard to miss as he weighs very close to 500 pounds! -  No, I am NOT joking!!) ;-)


Friday, November 25
w/ Dinasty
The Wolf Inn - Syracuse, NY

We were invited to play this day after Thanksgiving show by Joe from Dinasty, who was coming in from Cincinnatti to record  their debut CD. Anyone that knows us pretty much knows what we think of playing at The Wolf Inn (our last gig was back in June of '98, the infamous biker fight which is talked about in our interview w/ Ken Boyd) , but we decided to do it, as we wanted to play a local show for our good friend, Dom & also catch a killer meal at The Dinosaur BBQ.  It rained like a motherfucker all the way there & as usual, The Dinosaur was packed well beyond fire code, BUT it is a "MUST EAT" place when you are in Syracuse. It was great to catch up w/ Dom on everything that has been happening lately & this man has been a great advisor to us w/ a legal aspects, as well as being one of our biggest supporters!

Onto the show..... NOTHING at all has changed at The Wolf Inn, but we knew what we were expecting before we set the show up.  A 3rd band was added to the bill & because they told the club that they couldn't get there until midnight(!), they were playing last by default. We decided that we would play first as Dinasty had driven so far.  Our set consisted of every song on FLASHPOINT & "Dear God".  I have to admit being totally uninspired that night & although I put 100% into my playing, I just sort of leaned against the wall. Everyone else was in fine form that night & we made the best out of a lousy situation, which is usually the case, as we seem to find humor in everything that would make some people wonder why we even bother playing shitholes like this one (but that is not to say we think we are above place like this!).......  We made a few new friends that night & were told that The Lost Horizion (The once premier club in Syracuse) is once again running local shows, so we will be looking into playing there in coming months.  As far as the last band goes, we didn't even catch their name & were on our way home after Dinasty finished their set.


Friday, February 25
w/ Ion Vein Delusive Dream & Antithesis
Revolution - Cleveland, OH

This was our first show in OH in a city that has quite big metal scene. Since we were bus-less since the Cortland show in November, a dilemma as to how we were getting out west was settled in the 11th hour as Scott hooked us up with a great SUV that we were able to rent from a friend of his as opposed to getting one from a car rental place that wanted a king's ransom. As much as I loved the bus, I must say that having a vehicle that was 1 year old & seated everyone comfortably made this trip much more pleasant. It was about 7 hours door to door from the band room to our hotel, so we definitely needed to ride in comfort as we learned just what a big state NY is (but more on that later after the Chicago show!). 

 This show was originally scheduled at The Agora Ballroom, but it got bumped as Queensryche ended up getting booked there. Initially I was a little concerned that this would affect the turnout, but that wasn't the case, as Antithesis has a good & loyal following that didn't seem too interested to see the once mighty band from Seattle. Revolution (which is owned by a guy that is currently the guitar player in Warrant), was a cool place & the square dancing poster I saw in the window upon entry just represented how diverse the club is.  

The sound guy got to the club late & due to his tardiness, things ended up running late & therefore caused our set to get cut from the 45 minutes we were promised to about 30, which proved to be disappointing to several people that had driven from different parts of the state to see us. I guess it could have been worse, as there was originally supposed to be 5 bands on the bill & on this night, being the first band on the bill didn't really hurt, as there were almost as many people in the club when we played as there were when Antithesis hit the stage. Looking back, it ended up being a good night & all bands on the bill were very good & it was a great warm-up show for us, as we were all looking VERY forward to playing in Chicago! 


Saturday, February 26
Chicago Powerfest 2000
w/ Talamasca, Syris, Ion Vein & Antithesis

We got up early & ate a quick breakfast before hitting the road for Chicago & planned on being there by the middle of the afternoon, which would give us a few hours to chill out at the hotel before the long night ahead, but it was definitely a night I was looking very forward to, as over 20 people that I only knew via the internet were going to be in attendance. The weather was unseasonably warm & quite nice for February, which to me was a very good thing, as I can only imagine how much fun this trip would have been if we had to deal with snow. 

As we arrived in Chicago, it was raining out & we were all looking forward to going to our room & were VERY pleased to see that the hotel was literally 20 feet away from the club. Whoever thought of putting a club there was a genius & I am very sure many a bar patron has avoided a driving while intoxicated charge due to being able to stumble into a room. we stopped over to the bar to pick up our room key & then plopped down on the beds for a couple hours before we decided to walk over & eat at the club (who served really good food for a bar.) We found out what time to come back over to the bar & went back over to our room for more relaxing before what was definitely going to be a fun filled evening.

People started filing into the club & many stopped over to the table & introduced themselves. It is always great to put faces to names & to me, it is always interesting to see how close I am to picturing what a person looks like based on their online demeanor & mannerisms. I met the guitar player from Talamasca & saw there was no other place for him to set up their band merchandise, so I offered to share our table with him & sell discs for him when they were playing. As show time got closer, I got more psyched & could already feel the energy of the people that had traveled as far as us to be there. 

Talamasca kicked ass & got things started in a very powerful way. We were up next & were VERY ready to go sick. As soon as the show started, I saw a lot of the people I met earlier, taking pictures, videotaping us, banging their heads & singing along to our tunes. I guess I got a bit over-inspired, but I was banging my head harder than I ever remember doing in the past & discovered a few hours later that I had in fact ruptured a blood vessel in my left eye, which caused it to bleed internally. Even though I wasn't too happy knowing it was going to take a long time for it to clear up ( I actually had surgery on my eye in November 2000 to totally clear it up!) this show still rates as my favorite. Syris was up next & was great. They did a Iron Maiden cover that got all the guys down front singing along. Ion Vein was next & totally dominated the place! Antithesis closed the show out in a powerful fashion, opening up their set w/ a King Diamond tune. 

Morning came too soon, as we all stopped in at a few of the parties that were happening. I convinced Jeff to put in his "Billy Bob teeth" when we popped in on Ion Vein's party, which to my surprise, only a few people in the room thought they were funny. One guy (who shall remain nameless) was VERY consumed in talking about business at this party & to me it is cool to be concerned about being successful with your band, BUT there is a time & a place for everything & in my honest opinion, I was not in the mood to hear how to sell a few more CDs at 3AM! The ride home was in excess of 13 hours & was definitely a VERY long one, but playing a gig like the one we just played made every minute of being in that vehicle VERY worthwhile to me! I hope we are able to do another show out there in 2002 & are actually in the talking stages of setting it up now! Stay tuned......



Saturday, April 8
w/ Pull & Zero Hour (NY)
The Third Rail - Cortland, NY

The funny thing about the weather in the northeast USA is you never really know what the hell to expect & the weekend of this show was no exception (I HATE WINTER!!!!!). It drizzled / rained all day & the weatherman predicted it was going to turn to snow & dump in excess of 10 inches which seemed quite ridiculous in April, BUT for once in their lives, the national weather service was unfortunately correct! Predictions of a storm like this always will keep people home, but Pull has a great following & their friends all came out to support them for their CD release party, so the attendance went much better than anticipated! 

The Rail is a great place to play at, as people do generally seem interested in original music there, there is a good in-house PA system / lights & a good sound guy that knows how to run it, so all of those things really add to  making the drive out to Cortland in shitty weather worthwhile. The show is one of the smoothest running that I remember playing there. Zero Hour did a great job starting the evening out & were quite progressive, but still really heavy. Pull really plays a great show & has a special guest, John West (singer of the band Royal Hunt) do a cover of "Jailbreak" with them that really gets the place jumping. Sort of funny too, how this bar ALWAYS lets bands crank out music well after the official closing time of 2 AM. I've never been to another place where people just do not want to go home and the bouncer actually has said every time I've been to this place "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here"

Jeff & stayed at a friends house & make the drive home in the morning, while the other guys in the band decide to brave the storm & as I was told the next day, had a lot of fun battling the drifts & shitty roads from Syracuse to Albany (about 130 miles). Sort of ironically, Cortland / Syracuse didn't get all of the snow that was predicted (about 6" fell in central NY, which, looking back was a good thing as it didn't keep people home the night before), BUT as we got on the highway, the closer we got to home, the more snow there was on the ground & Jeff got his van stuck in over 12" of snow (!!!) at the parking lot of our rehearsal place. Have I mentioned yet how much I hate snow & cold weather, but still live in the northeast USA? Maybe I am as dumb as I look........

Saturday, April 29
w/ Pull & Lucid Reality
Moe-Mentum's, Gloversville, NY

I think we all learned a valuable lesson the last time & didn't want a repeat performance of PA problems, so we had all decided well in advance of booking this show that we were renting a system. It was a BIG relief to just be able to arrive at the club on Saturday night, instead of spending the entire night before down there setting up our system & I am willing to bet that we will be renting a system for every gig we do here from now on. Pull has had us up to Cortland a few times now & we wanted to repay the favor & bring them to Gloversville. I also asked Randy from Lucid Reality if they were up for playing & already knew their answer before I asked.....

Looking back on this particular night, I have to say it was a much better show than the Flashpoint CD release party, as there were definitely a lot more people in attendance, (about 260 came through the doors) & not having to worry about a PA system failure just made it a much more enjoyable night for all of us. Lucid Reality debuted a couple new songs & were promoting their brand new recently released 3 song CD, which is VERY powerful! Pull impressed with their originals & also doing a few cool covers (Godsmack, Metallica). 

Our set included a few songs from Flashpoint that we didn't play the last time & also our cover of "Cowboys From Hell" as the Pantera tribute on Dwell records finally came out in March. We had always talked about doing a cover in the past, but never did, and are now realizing that it is probably a good idea to occasionally play at least one song that people are actually familiar with! I can't forget to mention my favorite part about playing here: NOT HAVING TO DRIVE HOME FOR HOURS!!! Sort of ironic though, as it is usually daylight before I get to sleep every time we play here even though I live less than 5 minutes away from the bar!

Saturday, May 6
w/ Piece of Mind
Connections, Clifton, NJ

It had been a while since we playing in NJ & our friend/promoter, Dave Price called & set up this show, which actually sounded a bit more promising than a few of our other gigs we have played in the Garden state, as we were going to be booked with a tribute band that had a good reputation & was known for getting quite a few people in the door.  

Since our bus was gone, we have been taking several vehicles to our gigs, & surprisingly, everyone in the band arrived early or on time, so we had plenty of time to hang out & relax by playing pool & talking to a guy that worked at the bar that played as Phil Lynott in a Thin Lizzy tribute band (interesting to me as Lizzy is one of my favorite bands). I also meet up with the girl that does the booking at the club (whose name escapes me at the time of typing this) & find out that the Iron Maiden tribute band was going to cancel as "Bruce" was too sick to sing, but she convinced them to at least show up & do the show without him so we didn't get screwed over & play to 3 people. Cheers to the band for sticking it out, but more on that in a minute!

There was another band on the bill & I can't remember their name, but it also might be that I wanted to forget it, as they got there about 15 minutes after we did & the keyboard player in the band played his Hammond organ for well over an hour before they played their set! Maybe it was this band's first ever gig or something, but it amazes me to this day that no one in the bar said anything to him about turning down & playing at a reasonable volume. Needless to say, I had no desire whatsoever to watch this band play & took a walk & then stayed in the other room until they were done. Thankfully, the sound guy cut their set short as people were leaving 2 songs into it. I must say that other than the keyboard guy, this band wasn't too bad, & I wouldn't be too surprised if he wasn't in the band anymore, as I wasn't the only one that commented on this......

Our set went pretty good, although, we could hear the bottom end of the PA cutting out throughout our set & a few of our friends commented about it to us after we finished. I guess it could have been worse, as we have had a lot of worse things happen to us when playing (including having a cop walk right up on stage when we played a bar in Waterford, NY ordering us to stop or else!!) We sold several CDs & it was nice to hear that WSOU was playing both "Victim Of Thought" from Flashpoint & "Cowboys From Hell" form the Pantera tribute, as several people told us they came to the show after hearing the tunes on the radio! 

The Iron Maiden tribute played next & started out instrumentally, but then one of the guys in the band's girlfriend got up & sang a few songs. She was obviously very nervous, but did a pretty good job, especially for being put on the spot to do it. To me, it sort of sounded like Pat Benetar singing "Flight Of Icarus" which was definitely an interesting twist! People in attendance cheered them/her on, & it didn't hurt that she was good looking too!

Dave informed us that the club wanted to have us back in a few weeks & we would be playing with no less than 3 other bands that totally packed this place & one of them was even having a CD release party that night, so it would be great exposure for us. We had fun & I told him as long as the band w/ the keyboard player WASN'T playing, we would be there! We got on the road & after getting lost in downtown Clifton, we finally found the highway & headed home.

Friday - Sunday, May 26 -28
Ultrasound 2000
w/ Vicious Rumors, Steel Prophet, Leatherwolf, Agent Steel, 
New Eden, Towne Cryer XXI & Jag Panzer
Alexis Park, Las Vegas NV 

Saturday, June 3
w/ Gargantua Soul, King Norris, Madhat 
 VFW Pavillion, Prospect, CT


Saturday, June 10 
w/ 40 Below Summer
Connections, Clifton, NJ 


Friday, June 23
w/ Boiler & Fromunda
The Third Rail, Cortland, NY


 Saturday, August 5

w/ 9 other bands
Birch Hill Night Club, Old Bridge, NJ

Saturday, August 12
Virgo's, N. Brunswick, NJ 


Saturday, September 16
The Fireside Chat, Bath, NY


 Saturday, September 23
w/ Ion Vein & Lucid Reality
MoeMentum's, Gloversville, NY


Friday, December 22
w/ Bloodstone, Lucid Reality & Violent Knight
Northern Lights, Clifton Park, NY

Saturday, January 
w/  Pull & Cheeze
The Third Rail - Cortland, NY

Saturday, March
Saratoga Winners, Latham, NY

Saturday, April 23
w/ The Roman Singleton Project
MoeMentum's, Gloversville, NY 

Saturday, May 19
Filming of "These Days"
The Fireside Chat. Bath NY


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