Interview w/ the band by Ken Boyd

K: Let's start with the band. The guys in the band are: 
Scott Featherstone - Lead Vocals (Glenville, NY)
Jeff Daley – Drums (Cobleskill, NY)
Dave Stafford - Lead / Rhythm Guitar, backing vocals (Albany, NY)
Roman Singleton - Lead /Rhythm Guitar (Amsterdam, NY)
Joe Paciolla - Bass Guitar, backing vocals (Gloversville, NY)

What can you tell me about the guys in the band?  Other instruments that they might play, or have started playing? And maybe how each of them got into the music industry?

Jeff: I went to a school dance back in middle school & as I quickly realized I couldn’t dance, I decided to play drums & be a part of a band…..

Joe: I occasionally bang on one of Roman or Dave’s guitars, I pretty much am just a bass player & backing vocalist. I have an uncle that is a full time professional musician that was just starting out w/ I was VERY young & that was one influence & my other comes from going to my grandmother’s house & listening to The Beatles w/ my aunts!


K: The homepage for the band is at: I have been there and see that there is a lot of information on the band as well as some music clips available to check out the band. How important do you think the net is now playing in the music industry? What do you think about the future?

Joe:  The internet has been a MAJOR factor in the success ENERTIA has achieved so far & we have been online since late June of 1996, which is when our debut CD , "Law Of Three" came out. In April of 1995 as my uncle showed me all of the things computers could do & I went out & bought a machine the very next day.
Being able to communicate via email & "chatting’ on AOL was such an amazing thing & I thought to myself that it would be a phenomenal way to promote the band. The net has grown so much since we first started & we continue to grow right along with it, as the average amount on our page has gone from 4 day in 1996 to about 90 today!!!!! We are in favor of having songs to download in We feel that as long as an entire CD isn't openly available to download, it can be used to help market the band very effectively. has exposed our music to a lot of people, 100–plus, that have downloaded the songs we have at, and then written to us to buy the CDs.

K: Now, I understand that you guys just finished your latest CD, but first can we talk about your recent participation in the Dio Tribute album, Awaken the Demon? Why Invisible?

Roman: Invisible has a good heavy riff w/ a good beat & I felt we could put our own mark on it but stay true to the original feel of the song. It also had 2 guitar solos! (always a plus!)

Dave: Invisible wasn’t a song I was familiar with & that made it more interesting to learn & play as it wasn’t so indented in my head like some of Dio’s more signature tunes.

Jeff: The song wasn’t my first choice. I chose "Straight Through The Heart"! The song really came together nicely. We tried to be true to the song ( I hate dipshits that stray too far from the original!) & Scott’s voice makes the song a pleasure to listen to.

Scott: It was a fun song to do & the rest of the band felt I do could do a good job singing on it.

Joe: Invisible was actually one of my 3 favorite songs on Holy Diver (along with Straight Through The Heart & Stand Up & Shout), but it wasn’t my idea to do it. We had sat down & listened to both HD & TLIL & decided to pick a song from HD, as everyone heard a song they liked on that one. We narrowed it down to 2 songs & sort of decided we liked Invisible the best, but Straight… was a close 2nd! I really felt that Scott did a great job w/ it & when we were trying to figure out what to do at the end of the clean part (where they let air out of a car tire to get that effect on the original version), Scott came up w/ the idea of doing 4 part harmony vocals!

K: How did that all come about?

Joe: We were preparing to go into the studio to record CD #3 & our friends, Division told us about getting on a Dwell Records tribute & we thought it was a great way to go in & shake off the "studio rust" to prepare for the new disc & record a couple cover tunes we really liked. We also did "Cowboys From Hell" by Pantera & that will be out on Dwell early next year.

K: Are all the guys in the band Dio fans?

Jeff: I have been a Dio fan since the Rainbow days & after hearing him, I retraced him back to Elf. He has a fantastic voice that only seems to get better with age. I also like that he doesn’t say "Baby" in his lyrics & shit like that!

Roman: yes, I am a Dio fan. I liked his solo albums the best w/ my favorite being "Last In Line"

Dave: My dad turned me onto Dio when I was real young & I have liked him ever since!

Scott: Dio was one of my earliest influences & I use to sing several songs by him in my early cover bands.

Joe: I was a big Dio fan from the days of Rainbow, but when I heard him sing on the Heaven & Hell album, I was hooked! To this day, that disc & Holy Diver are 2 of my all time favorite metal albums.

K: How much does the Dio influence play in your own music?

Joe: Scott considers him to be a big influence as he stated above & I do too as I learned how to sing from singing along to the entire Heaven & Hell album.

K: Do you ever do any Dio tunes at your shows? What about just jamming around with the guys?

Joe: Although we haven’t played it out live yet, we still do Invisible in the practice room & might break it out some night, but we’re waiting for the right moment to do so. In the practice room, we occasionally jam to stuff from Heaven & Hell & I’ll let you guess who is the one that always instigates that! ; -)

K: Who does most of the writing for the band?

Joe: With Enertia, all five of us write and contribute equally to the songs. We aren't the type of band where one person comes in with a finished tune and just wants the others to play along. Myself, Dave, and Roman all have different influences and when we contribute ideas to songs there are a number of different style riffs. Jeff is always very creative with the beats he thinks of and always comes up with cool parts that work well with our riffs. Scott doesn't label and think of riffs as verse, pre–chorus, and chorus. He just lets the listener decide which part of the song is which.

K: What are some of your other influences?

Dave: Early influences were Queensryche, Metallica & Iron Maiden & some newer bands I really like are Machine head, Korn & Pantera.

Jeff: Anything from jazz & fusion to heavy but melodic. Some of my influences include Deen Castronovo, Steve Smith,Terry Bozzio, Virgil Donotti, Marco Minneman, Don Brewer, & countless others. Inspriations: All of the drummers listed above & Steve Vai, John Sykes.

Roman: Early Influences were Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Jimmy Page, Michael Schenker, Richie Blackmore & David Gilmour. Modern Influences include Dimebag Darrell, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, George Lynch & Alex Skolnick.

Scott:  Though there are many, my main influences are John Bush from Armored Saint & Dio, along w/ the following bands: Pantera, Flotsam And Jetsam & Wrathchild America.

Joe: There is so much I listen to but the bands that got me into playing music were The Beatles, Elton John, Kiss, Sweet, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Ac/Dc, Rainbow, Judas Priest, UFO, Motorhead, Saxon & pretty much the entire NWoBHM movement, Dio, Dokken, King’s X, Wrathchild America, Dream Theater, Galactic Cowboys Stuck Mojo, Pantera & about 500 more to name just a few…..

K: What about today’s musicians? What bands do you consider to have what it takes? What do you have spinning most in your own CD player?

Joe: I have over 1300 Cds, so it totally varies depending on what kind of mood I wake up in, but lately I have been listening to the new Dream Theater a lot, along w/ Stuck Mojo, Pretty Maids, Lions Share, Harem Scarem.

K: Who have you toured with in the past?

Joe: In the last 3 ¾ years of playing over 240 shows, we have played w/ a lot of other great unsigned bands like Division, Psycho Scream, Lucid Reality,  X Factor X & have also played w/ Manowar, Overkill, Flotsam & Jetsam & LA Guns.

K: I know that you mentioned doing a lot of shows whenever you have the opportunity. What is the weirdest gig you have ever played?

Roman: We played a 100 keg outdoor bash in July 1998, where all of the bands (including us) that played only original music & had CDs out had to play on a little trailer converted into a stage w/ a tiny PA system, & all the cover bands got to play prime time on a huge outdoor concert sized stage! We were one of the 1st bands of the day & played at 12:30 in the afternoon.

Dave: We played in Connecticut & it was almost 100 degrees. Our bus broke down about 20 minutes away from the club & we sat in the sun for over 3 hours waiting for the tow truck to arrive to haul our gear to the gig. When we finally arrived, we set up our gear (still exhausted from the stress & the high temp!) & played a powerful show!

Jeff: My weirdest gig was w/ an earlier band. It was an outdoor event with beer, food & a big roasting pit. Things got out of hand (due to lack of security) & about 100 state troopers & police showed up & broke up the festivities, but not before a couple of disgruntled patrons threw themselves into the "fired up" roasting pit. They were apparently upset about not receiving their piece of porky. A crazy display to say the least…..

Scott: We played a show in Syracuse w/ a young band & their singer spit water at this drunk biker for no apparent reason! The entire club erupted into a brawl, w/ us hanging out & watching all hell break loose. The owner of the place got hit in the face w/ a bottle & the singer of the band got the shit beat out of him. His girlfriend came to the rescue & thought she was being heroic, opened up the door of the bar & fired a bottle at the biker (who was ushered out of the bar & standing out front as soon as the fight broke out as the bouncers knew he was going to tear that band up). The biker then came bursting through the door & punched the girl! These words do NO justice at all to what we witnessed that night........

Joe: We played a gig at CBGB's in NYC & although our gig in itself went well, the "group" that followed us were the the most bizarre entertainers any of us have EVER witnessed (aside from GG Allin!). There were 2 "singers" (a guy & a girl) that each had a prosthetic leg on their side of the stage that had hoses attached to them, which they yelled into & made a disturbing sound, a bass player that was probably the most conventional of all of them, as he played his bass (which had 3 of 4 strings on it), a guitar player that shoved a drumstick between the frets & strings & yanked it back & forth making a VERY annoying noise. The best one was the guy that walked in with a keyboard & he told us that he just found it in the garbage on the way to the show & was going to smash it with a basball bat to make a percussive sound! I wish I videotaped them that night or even knew their name! 

K: When we spoke on the phone you mentioned that you had been to the Hollywood (being from upstate New York) and met Dave Feinstein. Are you and the other guys in the band fans of Rock, The Rods, or Feinstein’s Thunder?

Joe: Both Jeff & I are big fans of The Rods & really like Rock’s playing. I was really young, but I saw them open for Ozzy & Def Leppard on the "Blizzard Of Ozz" tour back in 1981 & they were VERY powerful! I have never heard of Feinstein’s Thunder, but I have a bootleg video of another band he was in from the late 80s called "Tokyo Rose". A lot more commercial sounding than The Rods, but still good stuff.
I had heard about Rock supposedly joining Dio & reforming Elf w/ Ronnie & Joey DeMaio about 6 months ago & was going to ask him about both projects when we ate at his restaurant, but it happened to be VERY busy when we were there (Cortland University had graduation ceremonies that day) & all he had time for was for a friend of ours to introduce us to him. BTW, I had a KILLER Cajun Chicken dinner there & it is a great place to eat when in central NY!

K: In fact, the area you are in is Ronnie’s old stomping ground isn’t it? What is the music scene like up there in that area now?

Joe: We live about 2 hours east of Cortland & in the past year, we have played up there about 8 times. The club we play at up there is called The Third Rail & is a great room. Really good people run the club & are really supportive of an out of town band like us & people there actually dig original music. There are some cool up & coming bands coming from there now that we are friends w/ BUT not many of them play in the style of Dio & are much more influenced by the new modern heavy stuff (which isn’t a bad thing in my eyes although I REFUSE to call any of that new modern music heavy metal!)
A lot of other "name" bands & musicians are from that general area too, Such as John West (singer of Artension & now Royal Hunt – He is STILL playing in a cover band called Giant Steps up there to this day & played there 2 weeks ago) & Chris Caffrey & Jeff Plate of Savatage. Some other bands were based out of Cortland / Ithaca (home of Pyramid Studios, where a lot of Megaforce Records stuff was recorded) in the 80s too, such as Raven (when they moved to the states), Kim Simmonds (of Savoy Brown fame) & a lot more that aren’t coming to mind at the moment.

K: Now, I have to ask…..The Mini Black School bus, you mentioned this on the phone and I see mention of it on your site also. What’s the story there?

Joe: Our bus has been a GREAT vehicle & I have owned it since our 2nd gig back in July of 1996 & if the walls of the bus could talk, there would be many interesting, funny & crazy tales to tell. Over the last few years, we have put about 30,000 miles on it & with a little maintenance, it has run really well, but in July, we blew the head gasket on it driving to a gig in CT. Sort of funny, but at that same show, there was a charity raffle for St. Judes w/ one of the prizes being a Marshall combo amp. I won the amp & sold it to pay for repairs on the bus. Look for it back on the road at a club near you soon!

K: The music itself. "I Know Your Demons" from Law of Three, This particular track has some interesting lyrics and a mysteriously brutal tone that seem to tell a story. Is there a story behind it?

Joe: The lyrics to this song are about the voice inside the head of a serial killer & sort of follow a story of how the voice controls the killer & convinces him to "take care of business". The idea came to me as I was childhood friends w/ a guy that was diagnosed as a schizophrenic (though he is NOT a killer!) & was with him a few years ago when he heard his "voices", although he would not tell me what they were saying! I have ALWAYS wondered what the little man in his head was saying that day & if I’m lucky to still be alive…………..

K: "Weight of the World" off of Momentum, Were the lyrics written about anybody in particular or just something in general for the listeners' own interpretations? (Ronnie seems to do this a lot)

Joe: That is exactly the case w/ Scott’s lyrics, as he likes to leave them open for the individual to interpret them any way they want. Though I have never asked Scott what he was writing about in this song, I get the feeling of the lyrics talking about a child that is faced w/ accepting responsibility as he/she grows older & although resenting it, realize that they have no choice in the matter.

K: Any other tunes that have interesting stories to go along with them?

Joe: A lot of our songs have stories to go along w/ them, but my current favorite is "Glitch" from the new CD.
This song is about our guitar player Dave's occasional sleeping disorder where he sort of lives out his nightmares. This always makes for very interesting adventures when we are the road. One night in particular, after a show in New Jersey, we stayed a friend’s house. When we finally got to sleep, all was peaceful at first, then all of the sudden, we were awaken by a table getting over and hearing Dave growling and charging at Jeff who was sleeping on a nearby sofa! There was immediate chaos in the house as no one knew exactly what was happening, and my friend that owns the house thought someone had broken in and was ransacking the place! We still joke about the insanity of that evening to this day & always sleep w/ one eye open when Dave is in the room…….

K: There is a new CD out now by Enertia called Flashpoint, what can you tell us about that?

Joe: Our 3rd CD came out 4 weeks ago & needless to say we are VERY proud of it. Although we are still independent, it is easy to obtain. You can get it directly through us ($12 postage paid in the states & Canada, $16 (USA funds only) in Europe, Australia & Asia). A lot of distributors also carry our stuff & you can get it at the following places online:

Dream Disc -

Hole In The Wall Music –

Restless & Wild Imports –

Metal Mayhem -

Rising Sun -

Breakthru Metal Music in Australia -



K: Future tour plans? Any schedule I can put up for you?

Joe: We will be playing as many gigs as possible in the following year & will continue writing songs for the next CD, while we continue shop our new one to labels, management, producers & lawyers. We are in the talking stages of making a trip out to the midwest early next year & look forward to meeting a lot of out friends in Chicago & Cleveland that have been buying our CDs over the last 3 years.

K: Anything you would like to say to the fans out there?

Joe: Thanks to everyone that takes the time to read this & thanks to you for the interview! please feel free to email us w/ any comments & to get onto our mailing list. 

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