Over the last 8 years, we have been asked a lot of questions & listed are the ones that stand out as my favorite ones! Some of them are to be taken with a sense of humor & some are as serious as a fucking heart attack, so you can make your own judgments as to which questions are which.....

Did you know you're spelling your name wrong?
Actually, to my knowledge, there is no right or wrong way to spell ENERTIA, & when we came up w/ the idea to us it back in January 1996, the only word we found in the dictionary was inertia, & we decided to add our own twist to it & change the I to an E. 
If we only had $1 for every club we've played at that has spelled our name INERTIA on the marquee...... 

Do you own the name?
We trademarked the name ENERTIA in the USA back in the beginning of 1999 & it dates back to the first proof of use, which is February 1996. We have dated sales contracts going back to 1996 w/ several distributors in Europe, Australia, South America  & Asia which serve as proof of ownership our name in all of those territories also. Ironically enough, to my knowledge, at one point in 1998, there were at least 7 groups using OUR name (according to their respective web pages, none of them were formed before 1997) & to my knowledge most of them were smart enough to change it when I contacted them. 

What do you think of music sharing software?
I personally am pro-Napster, and have been using it for the last year & encourage everyone that has downloaded our music from & to feel free & post our music online. For a band without a record deal, it has proven to be a great way for people to discover whether they like us or not before shelling out hard earned money on something that could end up as a drink coaster if they weren't given the opportunity to sample our tunes.

I write for (insert name of magazine / webzine here) & am interested in receiving a CD to review. Can you send me one?
This is a tricky one! If I were a billionaire, I would send one to everyone that asked, but since I'm not, I have to decide exactly which zines should get them & where we will get exposure to people that will like our music. As a rule, If I am unfamiliar with a zine/web site, I will ask that I am sent a copy of a print zine or wait until a web site is published before I send a disc. I know it sounds like I'm being a dick, but remember that we are the ones financing EVERYTHING,  & our last CD put us back almost $8000.

What happened to your bus?
The picture & attached story explain it VERY well! Click here!

What happened to Dave?
After the release of Flashpoint & subsequent shows all over hell, Dave seemed a little frustrated  w/ our "lack of success" & hooked up w/ a new side project in 2000 called  Pile Of Heads. As you can guess by the name, it is VERY stylistically different from ENERTIA. As we were writing songs for CD #4, Dave's side project became his main focus & needless to say, we decided to ask him to step down. There are no hard feelings or soap opera bullshit & we wish him the best w/ all future endeavors.

Are you looking for a replacement for Dave?
At first, I really wanted to get a rhythm player, but as we progressed w/ writing for the new CD, the idea sort of disappeared. We've met & know several people that would be a great fit for the band (personality & music wise), BUT at the same time, we are happy w/ the way the band works as a 4 piece.

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