Joe Paciolla - Bass Guitar, backing vox

February 8, 1970

Brad Divens (Wrathchild America), Monty Colvin (Galactic Cowboys), Cliff Burton (Metallica), Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy).

 - Hartke HA3500 
 - Hartke 2 x 15 XL
 - Hartke 1 x 15 XL
 - Hartke 4 x 10 XL

Basses (All left handed!)
 - 1 Schecter Stiletto Elite5 (5 string)
 - 3 Ibanez Soundgear 800
 - 1 Ibanez Roadstar II 
 - 1 Carvin LB 70  

Favorite ENERTIA show(s):
 -Chicago Powerfest 2000 
(Very intense! Banged my head so hard my left eye bled internally!)
 -MoeMentum's, Gloversville, NY 7/97 
(Momentum CD release party)

Least favorite ENERTIA show(s)
 - Saratoga Winners, Latham, NY -  March 2001 
(This show made me question if playing music is truly worth all the shit we go through to do it. After a pep talk from the guys, I'm even more inspired....)

Most embarrassing moment on stage:
The Third Rail, Cortland, NY - January 2001
Breaking an E string 2 songs into the set & not having a backup bass or even a spare E string to put on my bass! All I had was a D, which worked, but it was nearly impossible to keep the bass in tune! Even better, the entire show was captured on video! Needless to say, I now bring 2 basses to EVERY show & make sure I have spare strings.

Favorite ENERTIA song(s):
 - Without End
 - Messed Up Son (new song)

Why I started playing bass:
After seeing Wrathchild America in 1987, I was blown away, by how powerful they were & how much fun they were having while playing. 

 - My dog, Chewie
 - CD collecting (currently 2300+ in my collection)
 - Computers (Web site design, photoshop, etc.) 

Previous bands:
 - Cold War (1983 - 84) As a lead vocalist!!!!!
 - Mother Fletcher (1988 - 91) Bass from this point on.....
 - Arch Rival (1992)
 - The Blob Mob (1992 - 94)
 - Untamed (1994 - 96) 
 - Bloodstone: Judas Priest tribute (2001 - 2002)

Current side projects:
- The Roman Singleton Project 
(Instrumental project w/ Roman & Jeff & when we play live, Randy from Lucid Reality plays rhythm guitar - stay tuned for our recently recorded demo!)

Favorite TV show(s):
 - The Sopranos
 - Sex And The City
 - Twin Peaks

- The Simpsons 
 - The Howard Stern Show (from the early 90s on Channel 9)
 - Newhart

 - American Justice
 - Investigative Reports

 - Headline News / CNN / MSNBC

Favorite movie(s):
Too many great ones to choose from, but these ones came to mind when I was compiling my list!
 - 16 Candles 
 - Big 
 - The Breakfast Club
 - Goodfellas
 - Casino
 - Blue Velvet
 - Mulholland Drive
 - Pulp Fiction
 - Silence Of The Lambs

Current favorite CD(s):
  - Freak Kitchen - Dead Soul Men / Move
  - Ron Thal  - Hermit
  - Humanimal  - s/t
  - Symphony X  - The Odyssey


Funniest / craziest / most fun moment(s) on the road:
 - Recording the new CD at Sonic Ranch w/ Neil Kernon (El Paso, TX  - May 2002)
F Music Fest, Los Angeles 1996
 - Ultrasound, Las Vegas 2000
 - Biker fight at Wolf Inn (Syracuse) 1999
 - Scott finding $100 on floor of truck stop (Syracuse) 1998
 - Not buying a stolen custom mountain  bike for $10 (Syracuse) 1998 (figured guy wanted more & watched him sell it for $10 even after I offered him $20)
 - Jeff picking up our muffler as it fell of the bus on the way home from a show & it was so hot, it shrunk his winter gloves right on his hands! 


Photo by Jennifer Brewer / Insonmniac Productions
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