Written by Matt Barber

Dateline: 10/31/97

So, you like your Metal pure, huh? No Metal offshoots, no second generation mutations, no crossover kabobs, but real, honest Heavy Metal. If that’s the case, then you are going to love Enertia, a serious Metal band from Albany, NY. On Momentum, Enertia lay it all on the line, and remind everyone just what good, powerful Metal sounds like.

Momentum is a Heavy Metal album for the true Heavy Metal fan. In a day and age when so many others feel the need to tinker with the formula, deny their roots, and hide behind what they feel is the most monetarily viable sound at the time, Enertia hits the Metal community with an album that really points out just how much potential there is inside the massive boundaries of Metal. Playing true Heavy Metal with a surge of power that would impress anyone, Enertia will remind many of us exactly what we liked about Metal music in the first place.

So, what exactly are the distinguishing marks of real, honest to the core, Heavy Metal? Well, first of all, when anyone thinks of Heavy Metal music they think about guitars. Big guitars. Massive guitars. Heavy guitars with screaming leads. Check and check. Momentum is first and foremost a guitar based album, thanks to the two-pronged attack of Roman Singleton and Dave Stafford. There are plenty of heavy grooves, and so many razor sharp leads you’ll feel like you’re witnessing a ginsu knife slice and dice exhibition.

What next, then? How about a thunderous, shake the earth rhythm section? And not a drum machine and a bass box, either. But a drummer and bass player pounding out the beat with such conviction you fear that the ceiling will collapse. Check once again. Enertia’s rhythm section (consisting of Joe Paciolla - bass and Jeff Daily – drums) is the real power behind the huge sound on Momentum. If you want some tinny, clinking rhythm try Country music. Heavy Metal has to bring a serious thump factor with it, and Enertia delivers on Momentum.

Seems like we’re forgetting something. But then again, how many of today’s bands forget the importance of a quality vocalist singing the impassioned lyrics that give Metal their character. If there is one area that most often disappoints Metal fans about a new band, it’s a poor vocalist. The world is full of too many annoying voices out there, and this is what all too often dooms a band. But Enertia doesn’t have to worry about that. The lyrics on Momentum are neither "party time" nor "gloom and doom", but they are instead based on real life. And the delivery of these lyrics? Phenomenal. Scott Featherstone belts out his vocals with power and conviction like a preacher at a revival.

So, Momentum sounds pretty good all-around, doesn’t it? It is. But don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself. Because when you do, I’m sure you’ll come to the same conclusion, "Yeah! Now this is how Metal is supposed to be played."

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